Some news via Eve Massacre’s Facebook:

„Under the name „mos maiorum“ one of the largest European Joint Police Operations takes place from Monday 13th October until Sunday 26th October. Up to 18 000 members of the police forces of Schengen member states will – coordinated by Europol and Frontex – carry out raids, checks and dragnet searches throughout the whole European Union in order to find, detain and deport illegalized migrants.

Police actions during ‪#‎mosmaiorum‬ can be reported here by app or email!

Polizeikontrollen gegen ‪#‎Flüchtlinge‬ europaweit per App oder Email melden!

New round of photos by Thorben Detlefsen in the Data section.

A big thank you to all the people who contributed to the first round of Drones; sound- and video artists, as well as all of you who helped out with amps, spare time and knowledge, as well as all the people joining in to walk through the installation and all your kind words.
Some more pictures of the weekend will appear in the coming days.
We now will take our time for a little introspection and keep you updated on future installations/appearances.

Crazy things are happening. Frederikke Hoffmeier a.k.a. PUCE MARY just sent her contribution to the drones. Everything is built up. Mass Hum starts half an hour earlier, at 20.30h.
There’s also a new DATA-section on the site, where you can find the first photos.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: NONE OF THE ARTISTS WILL PLAY LIVE! We’ve had some misunderstandings in this point – the installation just works with audiofiles and video material!

With a wave-file sent tonight from Oslo to Nuremberg by Lasse Marhaug, all contributions have arrived now at the headquarter. The mass hum is about to begin tomorrow night at 21.00 CET.
A big THANK YOU! goes out to Munich-based director Christine Umpfenbach, who sent us 18 mp3-players for use in the protest. Christine did this out of enthusiasm for the protest, and we’re very grateful for knowing her on our side. Her play „URTEILE – Ein dokumentarisches Theaterprojekt über die Opfer des NSU in München“ debuts on October 7th in Munich. Go see that.
We’ve organised up to 14 amps and boxes, 5 beamers, a lot of other smaller, but nonetheless important stuff. Thank you to all the people who contribute to this project in their spare time.

Frederikke Hoffmeier and Rashad Becker won’t be participating in the Drones.

We gathered nearly every sound recording for the first protest. One week to go! We’re still in need for some mp3-players, amps and boxes. If you’re living in Nuernberg and are willing to donate, please use the contact form. Any help is appreciated!

Drones Against frontex is listed in the Wire.

New participants:
* Jürgen Albert, most notably known for his solo works as Edit Piafra and his appearances with Achterbahn D’Amour, will team up with Anne Knispel aka Kerri Kjn under the moniker TIEDAL BORE to contribute to the Drones.

New participants:
* Frederikke Hoffmeier, experimental music composer / Copenhagen
* Cris Koch, Berlin-based artist

Look to the Participants-section of the page for further links.


Website online.


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